Little Grill 

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About the Little Grill

Kenrick and Cathy’s  met when Cathy was on a vacation in Cancun Mexico.  Kenrick, originally from Montego Bay in Jamaica was singing at the Beach Palace resort when he met Cathy.  A spark was lit instantly. The next night they walked and talked for hours along the beach. After months of courtship and trips by both to spend time together and meet each other’s families, Kenrick romantically proposed. Kenrick arrived in the states in December 1998 and the two were married February 2, 1999. The marriage took place in a quaint little restaurant/bar near the local state lake. Among the many family and friends that were in attendance was the Building’s owner Tootie McCoy.  While congratulating the new couple, McCoy disclosed her plans to rent the building in the near future. Kenrick and Cathy had discussed opening a restaurant together and decided to go for it! They opened their doors in February 2002 with 10 tables and several chairs they purchased doing side jobs. They had also collected many “island inspired” décor items to give the place the feel and atmosphere they had dreamed of.  Kenrick entertained and sang at a tiny stage in a corner, quickly creating a fan base that became part of their regular customer base. All the food was prepared on a “little grill” thus inspiring the name for their restaurant now known throughout the area as THE LITTLE GRILL.  Full ownership of the land and building was obtained in 2009.  By word of mouth business flourished and required expansion and growth of the facility which now comfortably seats over 90 guests.  The current newly expanded kitchen, dining room and covered patio has provided different sections for Kenrick to entertain his guests.  Many fellow musicians are now booked weekly to provide guests with a variety of live entertainment. So Stop by, kick back and relax and Every Little Thing will Be Alright at The Little Grill.

Kenrick and Cathy

The Little Grill memories. Pictures from 2002-2010. We've come a long way!

In loving memory of our dear friend Tooty McCoy.

If it wasn't for Tooty our restaurant wouldn't be here today

Cathy and Tooty